Teaching Resources

NEW/BDJ 530: Political Reporting

This is a hands-on reporting course open to graduate and undergraduate students in print, broadcast and online journalism. In fall semesters, it typically focuses on election coverage, with students reporting on local or national elections. In spring semesters, it typically focuses on political-issues reporting and accountability reporting on elected officials. In presidential election cycles, Prof. Grimes continues a Newhouse-School tradition of taking the political reporting class to New Hampshire for a week to cover the primary. Students in that special class report for news organizations who’ve agreed to publish or broadcast the students’ stories. Their work also appears on Democracywise, the news outlet for the political reporting class and a voter resource.

COM 337 Real News, Fake News: Literacy for the Information Age

This course is designed to empower students with even stronger critical-thinking skills to cope with today’s tsunami of information; to make key distinctions among news, entertainment, opinion, propaganda, publicity, advertisement and raw information; to become credible self-publishers in the Digital Era; to understand and appreciate the First Amendment’s protections for free speech and a free press; and to understand the roles and mission of the press in American democracy; to judge the reliability of the news media and other information sources; and to engage in democracy through reliable, impartial and independent news. It is open to non-journalism students across the university.

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